New Fees

Licensing fees effective June 2000.

Chapter 53 Fee Changes

The first changes in fees since 1994 took effect in June. Most current
licensees will see the changes only when filing change forms, as many of the
change form fees have been reduced from $25 to $10. Licensees who fail to
renew on time, however, will have to pay more to restore their licenses. The
previous $10 penalty is now $100 for entities, $80 for sole proprietors, and
$50 for individual salespersons and brokers. The penalty fee must be paid in
addition to the renewal fee. The real estate education fund will now receive
all fees paid by real estate instructors, schools, and providers. Here are
highlights of the changes:

New license for individual
salesperson or broker
No change, except that $25 is now
Renewal fees for brokers and
No change
Change form fees

Change in name

Change/Add/Delete trade name

Reactivate license

Change PB or BIC

Change business address

Change residence address

Change broker affiliation

Duplicate license/pocket card

Decreased from $25 to $10

Decreased from $25 to $10

No change

Decreased from $25 to $10

Decreased from $25 to $10

No change – no charge

No change – no charge

No change

Penalty for restoration of forfeited
Increased from $10 to:

$100 for entities

$80 for sole proprietors

$50 for individual salespersons and

Continuing education provider and course:
Provider registration

Provider reregistration

Course certification

Course recertification

Decreased from $200 to $150

Decreased from $150 to $100

Decreased from $300 to $150

Decreased from $150 to $75

Prelicense school and
No change
Condominium Hotel Operator

Original registration and

Broker Exemption

Bond Exemption

No change

New fee: $25 application

New fee: $50 application