Where Do I File a Complaint Against My Association/Board Member?

The Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO) is the agency designated by law to receive certain complaints regarding condominium associations.  The sections of the condominium law over which RICO has been authorized to receive and investigate complaints include HRS, Chapter 514B, Parts IV (Registration and Administration of  Condominiums) and V (Protection of Condominium Purchasers), and HRS, sections 514B-103 (condominium association registration), 514B-132 (condominium managing agents), 514B-134 (management contracts for the association prior to organization of the association), 514B-149 (handling and disbursement of association funds), and 514B-152 -154 (maintenance and provision of association records).  RICO’s telephone number to file a complaint is (808) 586-2653.  Its web address is http://cca.hawaii.gov/rico/ .

For disputes outside of the above-noted sections of the law, i.e., where RICO does not have authority to receive and investigate complaints, the condominium law provides for dispute resolution through mediation, arbitration, or civil litigation. Please review the “Mediation of Condominium Disputes” section.