Introduction To Condominium Governance Series

Fundamentals of Successfully Operating an Association Webinar – Saturday October 23, 2021

The free “Fundamentals of Successfully Operating an Association” was conducted online via webinar for the safety of all participants and presenters. The Commission appreciates the interest and support of all those who virtually attended. Stay tuned for the next webinar!

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Topics & Speakers

  • Jonathan Billings – Association Finances: Budgets, Collections & Reserves
  • Neil Ross – Contracting Wisely: Preparing Specifications for Contracts, Selecting a Reputable Contractor and Monitoring Contracts
  • Melanie Oyama – Reducing Board Liability to Suits
  • John Morris – Do’s & Don’ts of Effective Rule Making
  • Sue Savio – Everything You Need to Know About Association Insurance
  • Lance Fujisaki – Keys to Properly Processing Applications for Unit Modifications

Printed Material


Video of Webinar

Please enjoy the recording of the seminar. A free registration is required to view.