10-31-2005: Southwest International University

October 27, 2005 the First Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii entered a stipulated permanent injunction and final judgment against Southwest International University, Inc. (a Hawaii corp) and Henry Yeh.

Under the terms of the agreed-upon judgment, SWIU is enjoined from operating any degree granting institution in, from or under the color of Hawaii law. SWIU also agreed to a restitution program for any students who enrolled or graduated between August 1, 2003 and August 1, 2005. The court also imposed civil penalties of $22,500 suspended on condition that all other terms of the judgment are complied with.

Anyone wishing to request restitution may do so by filing a complaint with the Office of Consumer Protection. Complaint forms can be found online at www.hawaii.gov/dcca/areas/ocp/brochures/complaint .

The full text of stipulated judgment can be viewed online at www.hawaii.gov/dcca/ocp/udgi/lawsuits/siu/southwest_intl_u_sj_yeh.pdf .