05-19-2006: Pacific Western University (Hawaii) aka American PacWest International University

On May 9, 2006 the First Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii entered a Default and Final Judgment Against Defendant Pacific Western University (Hawaii), Inc.  Pacific Western University (Hawaii) is also known as American PacWest International University or APIU.  The judgment has not been appealed and is in full force and effect.

Under the terms of the judgment, the court imposed a civil penalty of $500,000 against PWU (Hawaii).

The court also voided any contracts or agreements between PWU (Hawaii) and its students unless the students subsequently ratify such contracts in writing.  The judgment also requires PWU (Hawaii) to pay restitution of any tuition or fees it collected from March 29, 2001 through March 20, 2006 unless the student or graduate subsequently ratifies the contracts under which their payments were made in writing.

The jugment also directed the state to dissolve PWU (Hawaii) corporate status and such is in process.

The judgment also prohibits PWU (Hawaii) from further violating Hawaii law; accepting any further payments or issuing any degrees until it satisfies the restitution and civil penalties; transferring or disposing of any assets; and maintaining its various websites.

The State is currently attempting to discern whether Pacific Western University has any assets within the state which could be attached or garnished to satisfy the judgment.

The jugement can be found online at http://www.hawaii.gov/dcca/ocp/udgi/lawsuits/pwuh/