Second Status Report – August 4, 2005

August 4, 2005


As you may have heard, on August 3 our office obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against Pacific Educational Services, Denise Criswell and David Monroe. A copy will be posted online in the near future at . The purpose of the order is to prevent any further violations of law, temporarily freeze the defendants’ assets and preserve the school’s records. The order will remain in place until a hearing currently scheduled for August 10. You do not need to appear at the hearing.

At the time the court will consider whether to keep the order in place while the litigation is pending, to remove it or to change it.

Several students have written and emailed asking whether our office can take over the operation of the school and keep it open. The short answer is no – that is not our office’s function. Our office’s function is to investigate whether a business has violated any consumer protection laws and, if so, to bring civil suits to enforce those laws by obtaining injunctions barring future violations, restitution for any victims and civil penalties.