§16-303-3 Definitions.

§16-303-3 Definitions. As used in this chapter:

“Advertisement” means any oral, written, or graphic statement or representation made by or at the request of the seller;


“Merchandise” means any objects, wares, food, goods, commodities, or services;

“Price comparison” means the direct comparison in any advertisement of a seller’s current price for merchandise with any other price for such merchandise, or the making of other price reduction claims, statements of value, or savings claims with respect to such merchandise, if expressed in dollars, cents, fractions, or percentages;

“Rain check” means a guarantee of a consumer’s entitlement to purchase advertised merchandise at the advertised price within a reasonable time;

“Regular price” means the price, in the same quantity and quality and with the same service at which the seller of the merchandise has sold or offered to sell such merchandise for a reasonably substantial period of time in the recent, regular course of the seller’s business;

“Seller” means any person engaged in the business of selling merchandise and includes individuals, corporations, partnerships, associations, and their agents or employees. [Eff 6/19/81] (Auth: HRS §487-5) (Imp: HRS §§480-2, 487-5)