§16-302-4 Conduct of investigational hearings.

§16-302-4 Conduct of investigational hearings.

(a) Investigational hearings shall be presided over by the director or a designated representative, for the purpose of hearing testimony of witnesses and receiving exhibits, documents, and other data relating to any subject under investigation.

(b) Such hearings may be stenographically reported at the option of the presiding official, and if reported, a transcript thereof shall be made a part of the record of the investigation.

(c) Unless otherwise ordered by the director or a designated representative, investigational hearings shall not be made public. If the director orders a public hearing, all persons involved shall be apprised that the hearing is public.

(d) In the conduct of an investigational hearing, the presiding official as well as the attorney for the office of consumer protection may ask questions of the witness to elicit information deemed pertinent to the issue.

(e) The presiding official shall take all necessary action to regulate the course of the hearing, to avoid delay, and to prevent or restrain disorderly, dilatory, obstructive, or contumacious conduct or contemptuous language.

(f) In nonpublic hearings no person shall be allowed to be present except the person being interrogated, the person’s business associates, the person’s attorney, the presiding official, stenographer or court reporter if the hearing is stenographically reported, and representatives of the office of consumer protection. [Eff 6/19/81] (Auth: HRS §§487-5, 487-9) (Imp: HRS §§487-5, 487-9)