Investor Education Handouts

The following is a listing of Investor Education Program Handouts that are available for viewing and/or printing. Click on the links below for some helpful securities information. 

Investor Education Handouts

Who We ARe

(PDF) Office of the Securities Commissioner:
Who We Are?

Kupuna to Keiki

(PDF) Programs We Offer
Kupuna to Keiki

IEP Presentations

(PDF) IEP Presentations

Bill of Rights

(PDF) Bill of Rights

Common Threats To Hawaii Investors

(PDF) Common Threats To Hawaii Investors

(PDF) Checklist Before You Invest

Ask Questions

(PDF) Ask Questions

Affinity Fraud

(PDF) Affinity Fraud

Ponzi Schemes

 (PDF) Ponzi Schemes

(PDF) How To Spot A Con Artist

 (PDF) Financial Designations




(PDF) Kids Activity Booklet

(PDF) Teens Activity Booklet

(PDF) Senior Activity Booklet

(PDF) Keeping Our Kupuna Safe



(PDF) Hawaii’s Fraud Prevention & Resource Guide

2nd Edition

(PDF) Hawaii’s Fraud Prevention & Resource Guide

1st Edition