Investor Education Handouts

The following is a listing of Investor Education Program Handouts that are available for viewing and/or printing. Click on the links below for some helpful securities information. For more information or to request a presentation or informational exhibit at a community event, please call 587-7400.

(PDF) Office of the Securities Commissioner: Who We Are?
(PDF) Affinity Fraud
(PDF) Checklist Of Things To Listen For When Attending “Free Lunch” Seminars
(PDF) Common Threats To Hawaii Investors
(PDF) How Do I Check On My Securities Broker Or Investment Adviser?
(PDF) How To Spot A Con Artist
(PDF) Investigate Before You Invest
(PDF) Investor Bill Of Rights
(PDF) Investor Education Program Presentation Listing
(PDF) Investor Protection – 10 Tips
(PDF) Real-Life Stories of Mrs. Tanaka & Mr. Kealoha
(PDF) NASAA: Financial Crisis: Investor Tips For A Down Market
(PDF) NASAA: Madoff – A 21st Century Ponzi Scheme