RICO Brochures

Feel free to view all of our brochures. Please note that you need Acrobat Reader to view these files.

(PDF) Before You Sign…Go Online/RICO’s Top 10 Tips for Consumers (September 2014)

(PDF) Beware of Fraud: What to say on the phone and at the door

(PDF) Consumer Protection Tips for Seniors

(PDF) Travel Brochure (September 2014)

(PDF) Information for Consumers About Going Solar (September 2014)

(PDF) Information for Condominium Owners About Access to Information (July 2014)

(PDF) Condominium Associations & Condo Owners – Resolution Tips (July 2014)

(PDF) Activities and Tour Excursions (July 2014)

(PDF) Hawaii’s New Car Lemon Law (June 2014)

(PDF) Information for Owners of Rental Properties (May 2014)

(PDF) Hire a Licensed Contractor Because (April 2014)

(PDF) Information About Private Detectives & Guards (April 2014)

(PDF) Hiring Electricians and Plumbers (February 2014)

(PDF) Beauty Shops, Salons, and Spa (December 2014)

(PDF) Know the Risks & Responsibilities of Being an Owner-Builder (February 2014)

(PDF) Remodeling Tips From the Trenches (February 2014)

(PDF) RICO Services Brochure (February 2014)

(PDF) Buying a New Car Brochure (January 2014)

(PDF) Used Car Buying Guide (January 2014)

(PDF) Hawaii’s Used Car Sales & Warranty Law (January 2014)

(PDF) Automobile Repair Brochure (January 2014)

(PDF) Debt Collection Brochure (January 2014)

(PDF) Time Share Brochure (June 2015)

(PDF) Planning Ahead – Funerals

(PDF) Advertising as a Licensed Professional

(PDF) Condominium Living in Hawaii: Renovations & Repairs

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