DCCA Announces Lemon Law Results For 2000

Posted on Mar 30, 2001 in News Releases



Honolulu, Hawaii, March 30, 2001

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

is pleased to announce the results of its lemon law program (also known as

State Certified Arbitration Program

or ”


“) for the year 2000. The program, which provides arbitration services for lemon law claims, handled 55 cases and helped consumers recover over $477,000 during the year. This compares with 85 complaints received and $588,000 recovered in 1999. “The industry has taken significant strides in successfully reducing the number of cases that must be resolved through arbitration,” said Jo Ann Uchida, Complaints and Enforcement Officer for the Department’s Regulated Industries Complaints Office.

Several manufacturers experienced marked decreases in the number of complaints filed against them as compared with 1999 complaint statistics. There were six complaints filed against Chrysler Corporation, against whom 16 complaints were filed in 1999. The number of complaints filed against Ford Motor and General Motors in 2000 were 12 and 13, respectively, a noticeable reduction in the number of complaints, 23 and 21, respectively, filed against them in 1999.

Two manufacturers, Nissan Motor Corporation and Toyota, maintained their good standing in the area of consumer complaints. For the second consecutive year, Nissan Motor Corporation had zero complaints filed against it. Only one complaint was filed against Toyota in 2000.

The number of complaints filed against certain other manufacturers either increased or contributed to a disproportionate percentage of all complaints filed. Honda had ten complaints filed against it in 2000, an increase of four complaints from 1999. Honda’s ten complaints accounted for 18% of the total number of complaints received in 2000, despite its market share of only 6.1%. While Mazda Corporation’s complaint figure decreased in 2000, its four complaints comprised 7% of the total complaints received, even though Mazda’s percentage of the market share was 2.5 percent.

Lemon law program statistics are compiled annually by


staff to assist both consumers and manufacturers. “Overall, we are pleased with the decrease in lemon law complaints last year and encourage consumers to review our annual lemon law results when purchasing a new motor vehicle, ” said Jo Ann Uchida.

Additional information on the

State Certified Arbitration Program

, including statistical information, may be obtained from the website at



Jo Ann M. Uchida, Complaints and Enforcement Officer

Regulated Industries Complaints Office

(808) 586-2666 FAX (808) 586-2670