File a RICO Complaint

The Regulated Industries Complaints Office investigates  allegations of professional misconduct by licensees and possible unlicensed activity that may be occurring in the State.

How do I file a complaint with RICO?
Simply complete a RICO complaint form. Complaint forms are available below. You can also call or write and a complaint form will be mailed to you. There is no fee to file a complaint.  There is also no time limit, however, it is best to file your complaint as soon as possible. Complaints that involve situations distant in time are more challenging to investigate.

What kind of complaints does RICO investigate?
Some of the more typical complaints RICO receives involve allegations of poor workmanship, negligence, or unlicensed activity. Less frequently, RICO receives complaints alleging sexual contact with patients or clients, criminal convictions, and misappropriation of funds. Some things, even if proven true, may not constitute grounds for discipline. For example, concerns that a patient has been made to wait a long time at a doctor’s office, or that a licensee has charged a lot of money for a particular service, are not usually within the licensing authority’s jurisdiction.

Will RICO represent me?
RICO attorneys do not represent individual consumers. RICO’s primary obligation is to take the actions necessary to ensure that licensing violations are appropriately addressed. Therefore, in addition to filing a RICO complaint, we strongly advise all consumers to immediately explore any civil remedies they may have. An investigation or prosecution by RICO does not prevent you from pursuing any private right of action or civil remedies you may be entitled to.

Why should I file a RICO complaint?
In addition to investigating and prosecuting complaints, where appropriate, RICO may work to assist consumers to resolve their disputes with licensees. Additionally, RICO relies on information from consumers to monitor conduct in the industry and to watch for unlicensed activity. Your information helps.

Which form should I use?

RICO provides specific complaint forms in the following areas/industries: Contracting, Healthcare, Motor Vehicle Sales, Motor Vehicle Repairs, Real Estate, Real Estate Appraising, and Travel Agencies.   Use the general RICO Complaint Form for all other areas.  To report information about an individual or business who may be advertising or working in your area without a license, please complete a RICO Report of On-Going Unlicensed Activity form.   An additional form is also provided for condominium issues.

Additional information: 

Click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Consumers about Filing a Complaint. For additional assistance, call the RICO Consumer Resource Center to speak with an intake investigator.

(PDF) Motor Vehicle Repair Complaint Form

(PDF) Contractor Complaint Form

(PDF) Health Care Complaint Form

(PDF) Regulated Industries Complaints Office Complaints Form

(PDF) Regulated Industries Complaints Office Complaints Form (large print)

(PDF) Peer Review and Quality Assurance Report

(PDF) Travel Agency Complaint Form

(PDF) Motor Vehicle Sales Complaints Form

(PDF) Real Estate Complaint Form

(PDF) Real Estate Appraiser (REA) Complaint Form

(PDF) RICO Report of On-Going Unlicensed Activity

(PDF) Condo Complaint Form