An alphabetized list of unaccredited degree granting institutions that OCP took civil enforcement action against is provided below.
Please locate and click on the name of the institution for more information about that case.

Some explanatory notes that may be helpful:

The case information presented represents only those cases in which civil enforcement lawsuits have been commenced. The Office of Consumer Protection has investigated numerous other unaccredited institutions operating in, from or under the claimed authority of Hawaii. In some of those instances, warning or advisory letters have been issued in lieu of litigation.

Complaint – The Complaint is the document that initiates the litigation. It contains a caption identifying the parties and a case tracking number; i.e. Civil No. xxxxx. The complaint contains a brief statement of the nature of the allegations against the defendants and of the relief requested from the court. The complaint may be amended during the course of the proceedings, hence documents titled First Amended Complaint, etc. The parties identified as defendants are required to file an answer to the complaint. Most complaints are filed in the First Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii (located in Honolulu), but others may be filed in the Second Circuit (covering Maui and Molokai), the Third Circuit (covering the island of Hawaii) or the Fifth Circuit (covering the island of Kauai).

Judgments – The judgment is typically the final document in the litigation which resolves the issues. Unless otherwise indicated therein, the judgment is usually effective as of the date it is filed with the court (the specific date and time can be found on the court clerk’s stamp on the first page of the document). In cases involving multiple defendants, there may be one than one judgment entered in the case. The title of the judgment usually specifies the defendant(s) against whom the judgment is entered. There are several types of judgments.

Default Judgment – A default judgment is typically entered when the defendants fail to file an answer the complaint or are otherwise deemed in noncompliance with court rules and procedures. Typically a default judgment is obtained by filing a written motion requesting such and the court holding a (usually uncontested) hearing thereon.

Stipulated Judgment – A stipulated judgment is typically entered when the parties to the lawsuit are able to agree on terms of settlement, which are contained in the document. It, like all judgments, is enforceable by the court.

Summary Judgment – A summary judgment is typically entered by the court upon a motion. It is called “summary” since no trial is held, but instead, the court decides the matter at hearing.

Other Documents – There are often many other documents filed with the court between the time of the filing of the Complaint and the entry of judgment. The First Circuit Court has a searchable online public access website (http://hoohiki.courts.hawaii.gov/) which indicates what other documents have been filed with the court.

Academy of Natural Therapies
American Androgogy University
American Institute of Management Studies
American International University of Management & Technology
American National University
American Pacwest International University
American State University
American States College
American University of Hawaii
American World University
Anglo American University
Atlantic International University
Brighton University
Cambridge State University (page 1)
Cambridge State University (page 2)
City University of Finance and Economics, New York
Concordia Ivy College
Culture University
Earthnet Institute
East West University
Eden University
Empire University
Frederick Taylor International University
Friends International Christian University
Golden Pacific University
Hawaii American University
Hawaii College of Pharmacy
Honolulu University of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities
Information University of America
International East-West University
International University of Professional Studies
Iond University
Kennedy Open University
Kensington University
Lincoln International University
Manhattan University
Marlborough University
Monticello University
Nation University
National University of America
Newton University
Pacific Buddhist University
Pacific Southern University
Pacific Western University (Hawaii) (page 1)
Pacific Western University (Hawaii) (page 2)
Pacific Yale University
Pickering University
Prescott College for Business and Leadership Studies
St. Mary’s School of Medicine
San Francisco International University
South Pacific University
Southern California Polytechnic University
Southern Pacific University
Southwest International University
Southwest International University of Nevada
Stanton University
Stewart University of America
Thomas Jefferson University
Trinity College of Science & Management of Southwest International University
USA International University
United States Open University
University of Advanced Research – Hawaii Campus
University of East-West Alternative Medicine
University of Honolulu
University of Northern Washington
Washington American Open University
Washington International University